Frequently Asked Questions

We put all the common questions we receive regularly from our customers in our FAQ. Please take a look below to find an answer to your question

Does BlackGoldVape Sell Marijuana?

No. BlackGoldVape is a national brand that licenses to distributors nationwide. BlackGoldVape does not sell or produce cannabis. BlackGoldVape products are only for use with essential oils and herbal extracts in states where the sale and consumption of such oils and extracts are legal.

Who is BlackGoldVape?

BlackGoldVape started with the idea that we can change the face of the cannabis industry. Inspired by Egyptian culture, BlackGoldVape offers the best vaporizing pens on the market. We provide consumers with safe and classy and discreet alternatives to smoking. Our goals go beyond providing the best products; we also aim to promote the mainstream acceptance of the cannabis industry. Cannabis consumers are often regarded to as lazy non-productive "pot heads", that simply isn’t accurate. Cannabis consumers come from all walks of life— they can be moms, dads, young professionals, retirees, medical patients, and more. We want to help society think outside the box. As mainstream cannabis acceptance is gains momentum, we hope to encourage it by removing the labels and stigma associated with cannabis consumption. Cannabis can be a part of a healthy lifestyle for anyone and everyone to use responsibly.


What does the blinking light mean?

While we suggest a 3 second inhale, the device allows you to inhale for up to 7.5 seconds. At that point, the light will blink twice to indicate that the atomizer (heating element) is resetting itself. This is a safety feature to help regulate heat and conserve your oil.

I think I have a defect? What do I do?

Our defect rate is less than 1%, which is pretty great in this industry, where carts and other pens tend to have a higher failure rate of 10-15%. However, defects may still occur. For this purpose, we have a 100% guarantee on defective units, which we offer to our distribution partners, who extend that to the retailers, and they would then pass that guarantee on to you. In dispensaries, it’s generally an easy 1:1 swap, and our sales rep will collect the defect to replace their inventory on the next sales call. In recreational retail, you’ll need your receipt, packaging and defective unit. Some stores reserve the right to limit accepting returns by a certain number of days or not at all. Check with your retailer and shop at retailers where you feel comfortable with their policies.

How many puffs do I get from a BLACKGOLDVAPE™

BLACKGOLDVAPE™ cartridges hold over 300mg of essential oil. We suggested that the 300mg volume would provide approximately 250 puffs. This number was derived from a puff machine set at 3 second puffs with 6 second holds. Each 300mg BLACKGOLDVAPE™, when puffed out by this machine at those settings, resulted in a minimum of 250 puffs and 7 minutes of straight puff time. That being said, we’ve recognized that the puff suggestion does not take into consideration personal body composition and internal clock/counting time of each individual person – all people are unique individuals and built differently. That said, current boxes and marketing material advertise the 300mg and consumers can decide for themselves how far their personal usage will take them, based on the volume of oil in the device.  You can rest assured that you received the full 300mg of oil that you paid for in your BLACKGOLDVAPE™, but your personal usage may differ from that of a machine, resulting a different puff count. The great thing is that it is easy to meter your dosage and know exactly what works best for your experience, each and every time.

How can I tell when my BLACKGOLDVAPE™ is empty?

The best way to tell is by letting the device sit with mouthpiece end upright for a few hours, or even overnight. The goal is to let the oil collect just above the atomizer. Once the oil has settled, you can hold the little window up to a light and look through it – you’ll then be able to see how much is left.

My BLACKGOLDVAPE™ is lighting up but its not hitting.

Recharge the battery using the Black Gold Bullion, if it is not hitting as strong or not at all, the battery must be recharged.Since the battery still works and is lighting up, chances are it is not defective. Have you by chance stored it on its side or upside down? Sometimes this can cause it to not vaporize properly. That’s why you’ll notice that devices hit a bit lighter if they’re almost empty and laying on their sides. Storing it upright may resolve the issue. Otherwise, the oil may be too thick, holding it at a 45 degree angle and inhaling a bit stronger may resolve it from that perspective. Try these two methods first, if they do not work, keep your receipt, packaging, and device+oil intact and please return it to the store for a 1:1 replacement.

How can I recycle my empty device?

We offer recycling stations to our medical dispensary partners, so you can often bring back your empty devices to them. They can also be recycled responsibly wherever standard batteries are recycled in your home state. Cheers!


I represent a dispensary or recreational retailer and would like to carry BLACKGOLDVAPE™. Who do I speak to?

Contact us at to schedule a sales visit.


I represent a potential distribution partner and I would like to license BLACKGOLDVAPE™ to distribute in my state. Who do I talk to?

Please send an initial note to us, using this form. Then, we will reach out to you and require detailed information about yourself, your organization, your cultivation and extraction methods, and your dispensary reach. We require this basic information up front to move forward with the conversation. We understand that there are also emerging markets. If you do not have a currently established operation, please inform us of the capital in which you would build out the infrastructure and your timeline, including history about yourself and your other ventures.

I'd like to invest in BLACKGOLDVAPE™ Who do I talk to?

We aren’t currently raising money, but are always open to having a conversation. Please send basic details about who you are, your current investments/ventures, and what you’d like to do with us, this form.

I love your company so much! I would like to help spread the word, Are you hiring and how do I submit a resume?

Thanks! We love our company too. We are not currently hiring, but if you show us tangible metrics that convey you’ve encouraged several new dispensaries to carry our product, we can recommend our distribution partners to consider you for a sales rep position. Send your cover letter and resume to us at with your name, state abbreviation (CA, WA, OR, etc), and the word “Resume” in the subject line.

I understand you may not be hiring, but do you have a street team that I could join to help you spread the word?

We don’t have one yet, but we may be building a street team. If you’re interested, please send your cover letter and resume to us at with your name, state abbreviation (CA, WA, OR, etc), and the words “Street Team” in the subject line.


Press/Advertising/Marketing Opportunities

If you represent the press, a key influencer, or have other marketing opportunities you’d like to partner up on, drop us a line at with specifics. If you want to collaborate with our social media team, introduce yourself here and we will reach out to ask for specifics.